Phoenix Risen at Compression 2014 (photo by Caty Vail, Behance)

A GREAT 2014 Compression Art & Fire festival

Thank you ALL for making Compression 2014 wildly successful.  We appreciate your support, participation and attendance.  We appreciate what you bring to the culture we share downtown, the creativity, energy and openness.  Event photos generously shared by area photographers assure us that it WAS THAT GOOD!  So much gratitude.

Phoenix Risen at Compression 2014 (photo by Caty Vail, Behance)

Phoenix Risen at Compression 2014 (photo by Cait Vail, Behance)

Our Main Event, July 26 on Reno City Plaza

Join us for Compression Art & Fire 2014 on Reno City Plaza and indulge yourself in a [dust] free slice of Burning Man.  Performances begin this year at 5 pm, and will include BohoHoops, eNVision, Tahoe Cielo Aerials, Nataraja, Stiff Kitty Burlesque, Obsidian Butterfly,  Controlled Burn, Flameology and Black Rock City Allstars among many others.  BohoHoops

Battle Born Derby Demons Rollergirls will again be volunteering throughout the venue, and welcomes your volunteerism too.  Visit the Fire Garden full of fiery sculptures, the Vendor Garden, and of course lots of Art Cars and Mutant Vehicles.  There will be food and drink, playa sculptures and informational booths from all sorts of alternative groups.  The afterparty is by Osiris, and tickets will be available at the Compression information stand.

Don't mess with Compression!

Don’t mess with Compression!

Virginia Street in downtown Reno from Mill to Second Street, and Reno City Plaza at First and Virginia Streets.  5-11 p.m.  Free and family-friendly.  Reserved seats at $5 at 775-686-9608.  Please leave pets at home because the plaza becomes crowded and large-scale flame effects cause distress.

Worlds away

"The Worlds"

“The Worlds”

A playa outside Austin seems worlds away, but we are going there, and taking our fire with us.  We will create a Compression festival on Saturday night, July 12th for the opening night of “The Worlds” landsailing international championships.  Would you like to practice your playa set-up, partake of a little fire, meet some folks immersed in their passion — the landsailers from around the world?  We would!

Get ready for us, Fernley

We are rolling into Fernley next!  And we are arriving hungry because we LOVE Indian Tacos.  Get ’em while they’re hot.  Enjoy them in the rodeo stands while aerials, marionettes, fire dance and music play out in the arena.  Enjoy lots of hot stuff at Compression in Fernley on June 28, 6-10 pm in the rodeo grounds at Out-of-Town Park.

Indian Tacos, just like at roadside on the way to the Burn

Indian Tacos, just like at roadside on the way to the Burn

KNPB documentary “The Work of Art: Artown” features Compression! Art & Fire

Controlled Burn is honored to be featured in Jeremy Dunn’s wonderful documentary on Reno’s annual Artown event.  Compression is on July 26 at Reno City Plaza.  Please join us.  If you want to watch the segment on Compression, jump 60 minutes in, but we love the whole show, the groups and volunteers who pour themselves into making it happen.  Enjoy!

The Work of Art: Artown

Sesquicentennial Success Stories

Controlled Burn has four Nevada Compression events for you this summer!


LOVELOCK.  June 20, 6-10 pm at Amherst Park.  A community arts festival in conjunction with the concurrent Nevada State Firefighter’s Assoc. Conference and Training.  Fire and alternative artists and organizations volunteer to produce a celebration of local arts and culture.  Youth activities include bike decoration, safety, arts and skills playshops.  Regional artists and organizations collaborate in displays and performances, including fire dance, tribal arts, local crafts, gunpowder painting, art cars and flame effect sculptures.

FERNLEY, June 28, 6-10 pm at the Rodeo Grounds at Out-of-Town Park.  This event is in conjunction with the Fernley Multi-Cultural Festival.  Activities include a kite show, arts and skills playshops.  Regional artists and organizations collaborate in displays and performances, including fire dance, tribal arts, local crafts, gunfights, art cars and flame effect sculptures.

AUSTIN, July 12, 7-10 pm at Smith Creek Dry Lake.  A fire arts celebration in conjunction with the International Landsailing World Championships.  Displays and performances will include fire and fusion dance, art cars and flame effects.

RENO, July 26, 5-11 p.m. at Reno City Plaza.  A celebration of the culture of Burning, with lots of music and dance, youth and alternative performance troupes, art installations, aerialists, street entertainers, playshops, vendors, art cars, costumed celebrants, fire arts and huge flame effects.  This is the main event, now in its 7th year.  Come and get a kabob and a beer, spread a blanket, and enjoy a very unusual evening downtown.

Collaborators, vendors and volunteers are still welcome to join in all these event.  Contact Erika at 775-686-9608 or at

We have so much fun during Artown in downtown Reno, and we love our collaborating artists and organizations, so we decided to share what we do in other Nevada communities, to help them use the successful template for the Reno Compression as a basis for their own annual community arts festivals.  In this first year, our volunteers, supporters and collaborators help local activists create events, then we provide all the elements that can’t be drawn from the local community.  We wish each community great success in continuing to celebrate the arts and culture of their citizenry in subsequent years.  We will do our best to create family-friendly events so that they invite us back!

No Pressure.

It takes fiery guts to build a flame effect sculpture.  Students who participate in the June 7/8 “Flame Effects for the Artist” class will display their work in the Fire Garden at Compression! Art & Fire 2014.  Participants bring scrap metal, learn the intricacies of working with propane in an alternative situation, collaborate to formulate a sculpture plumbed for fire, then try it out.  The final project will be on display at Reno City Plaza on July 26, so no pressure…

You just KNOW this will shoot fire.

You just KNOW this will shoot fire.