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Burner Stylin'!

Burner Stylin’!

It is lovely to be in such fine company in today’s Jack Rabbit Speaks, and so many from northern Nevada!  Compression and Controlled Burn (and its members) are involved more than a few ways around in much of what’s happening in Reno arts and culture.  Being listed as Burning Man grantees and as Black Rock Arts Foundation grant recipients stokes our fires.  Congratulations also to David Boyer, Matt Schultz and all of The Generator Embrace Crew, Warrick Macmillan and those working on other regional projects.

Stylin' while burnin'!

Stylin’ while burnin’!

Our Black Rock Arts Foundation Grant is for all of us to make Compression! Art & Fire fantastic and far-flung.  Please don’t stand back and wish you’d involved yourself.  Ask ANY of us!  Join in.

Your Amazon.com purchase raises funds for Compression events

If you were going to buy something, and if you shop Amazon.com., Amazon will donate 1/2% of your purchase amount to Controlled Burn.  We will use the Amazon $$ to support artists at Compression events this summer, hopefully without another fundraiser. If you don’t shop Amazon, please choose to buy locally. THANKS!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to CONTROLLED BURN FIRE PERFORMANCE….

Honored and Motivated as 2014 Black Rock Arts Foundation Grantees!

Our traveling design (in progress), by Dave Cherry.

Our traveling design (in progress), by Dave Cherry.

2014 Black Rock Arts Foundation Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2014 Grantees! This year, the Black Rock Arts Foundation Grants Committee awarded more money than ever, $70,000, to more projects than ever before. We can’t wait to see how these fifteen projects evolve!


Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations
Erika Wesnousky
Reno, Nevada

2014 Grantee, Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations

2014 Grantee, Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations

Compression! Art and Fire is a popular annual Reno arts festival that works with local artists and activists, creating events across Nevada, to share the culture and impact of Burning Man. In 2014, Nevada celebrates its 150th birthday and this year’s Compression! festival will meet the challenge of celebrating such an occasion.

Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations are fire and alternative arts festivals created in partnership with the community. At these free and accessible events, participants enjoy a myriad of attractions. Project booths and theme camps create a canopied bazaar that draws the neophyte to a taste of the ephemeral Black Rock City. Audiences are dazzled by live fire performances, aerialists, and performers from local and regional youth groups, fusion artists, and indigenous dancers from Nevada tribes, all on a stage surrounded by massive flame effects. Participants may wander through the Fire Garden and are invited to control and interact with sculptures of flowers, dragons and other fire sculptures. If inspired by the fire dancers, community members can try their hand at the art form with unlit fire dance object, such as hula hoops, poi dance, staff dance and flow fans.


Please let us know if you would like to participate (collaborator, volunteer, sponsor, vendor, theme camp, art car, lots of opportunities) in a community event.  We are already planning Fernley and Lovelock events, and hope to visit Winnemucca, Elko, Austin, Las Vegas, Tonopah, Hawthorne and Gardnerville.  Call Erika at 775-686-9608 for information.  THANK YOU!

Official Nevada 150 Event

Yup, we're proud to be Nevadans, and we plan to thoroughly celebrate 150 years of statehood.


We are honored that our Compression events — your community fire arts festivals — have been designated Official Nevada 150 Events, making them part of Nevada’s Sesquicentennial celebration of statehood and cultural heritage.  We think it’s our uniqueness that they love.  We love their logo!  Truly, we believe that Nevada is rich in culture, and that it is the responsibility of artists and activists to share their passion so that all may be enriched.  This designation helps us get our message out, and hopefully to draw sponsors, so that we can create community-driven fire and alternative arts festivals across the state.

Money to Burn


It takes money to burn.

It takes money to burn.images

It takes money to burn.  If you are feeling philanthropic, if your money is sagging your pants, seize the opportunity during the season of mass material redistribution (or any time it suits you) to make a tax-deductible donation to Controlled Burn and Compression.  We are a federal educational 501(c)3 and charitable 509(a)2 non-profit, so your donation is completely tax deductible.  Call Erika at 775-686-9608 for help in helping us.  Thank you. Your donation would be applied toward fire insurance (our greatest cost), toward our Artown Compression! Art and Fire event participant costs, or as you specify through further discussion.  We will provide you with a letter confirming your tax-free donation.  Again, thank you.  Erika

Compression Sesquicentennial Peregrinations


Nevada Day Parade, Carson City

Nevada Day Parade, Carson City

What better way to expand on Compression than to take it on the road to celebrate Nevada’s 150 years of statehood?  We hope to draw funding to allow us to travel throughout Nevada, sharing the diverse talents of Compression artists and contributors as we help communities statewide develop deeper dialogue on local arts events and influences in their hometowns.  We will create fire arts celebrations in collaboration with Nevada artists, invite community members to contribute their unique abilities, and throw great arts parties supported by remote, urban, alternative and mainstream Nevadans and Burners.

Homelessness inspires us.  We continue to explore all Reno options for our July Artown event.  We are tentatively scheduled for July 26, 2014, and hoping to be right downtown — where we belong.  Stay tuned for updates as they develop.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in contributing to Compression 2014 in the form of participation, support or attendance, and would like information, please contact us.

Compression! Art and Fire 2014 is on the move

Playing in the streets Photo by Chuck Spotts

We’ve become homeless.  City Plaza will be the staging ground for the Virginia Street Bridge renovation, so cannot host special events.  We’ve always lived in City Plaza, so we have no weight, no right, to Artown Saturdays in others’ homes.  And so we must move.  We will post right away when we have landed!

We would love to know your thoughts.  We need some data for proposal preparation to fund the 2014 event.

Please tell us if you have attended Compression (especially in 2013), booked a hotel room, had a beer, made some friends, participated, want to bring your art, bought a chachki, like more fire, need more music, whatever you need to say.

All eyes and fire

All eyes — and fire

We want to set up the event with your ideas in mind because this community is chock full of great ideas!  Everyone’s thoughts are valuable to us.  Thank you very much.  People are already reserving seats!

Compression 2013 Photo/Video links

Artists, please be sure to credit those whose gifts are shared here.  Photographers and videographers, please post or send me (erika@controlledburnreno.com) links to files you are willing to share with those you “captured.”  Thank you.  We LOVE this part of the show!

shortCHINESEguy:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/33779774@N08/9386185908/in/set-72157634825984451

Don Albonico:  http://serriaphoto.smugmug.com/Events/Comperssion-Reno-NV-2013/30875811_jX46nb#!i=2670469537&k=XkTXCS2

eNVision at Compression 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQlKcyfnnhA

Chuck Spotts:  https://www.facebook.com/cspotts1/media_set?set=a.10201688381470735.1073741854.1215831846&type=1


RG-J Metromix:  http://reno.metromix.com/events/standard_photo_gallery/pics-compression-art-and/3576831/photo/3580870

Teeje Jamison:  https://www.facebook.com/teeje44/media_set?set=a.10201157179908309.1073741837.1134250272&type=1



Our wizard, Stu d'Alessandro
Our wizard, Stu d’Alessandro (photo by Foxfur)

Photos from Alejandra Moreno at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.521638754575483.1073741828.148313175241378&type=1

If you will send hard copy to Erika with instructions for citation, your work can be included in the proposals and PR for next year’s event.  Mail to CONTROLLED BURN, PO BOX 13962, Reno, NV  89507 or message us here and we’ll make arrangements.

We are incredibly happy!  The fact that you so beautifully captured our happiness is icing.  Thank you.

Erika for Controlled Burn

Great fun photos rolling in now!

Thanks so much to our community for sharing your photos and videos with us.  We always wonder what it looks like to you.  Hopefully you get a glimpse, too, of what it looks like to us.  ALL JOY!


In unison.  Photo by Teeje Jamison

In unison. Photo by Teeje Jamison

http://www.flickr.com/photos/33779774@N08/9386805140/in/set-72157634825984451/lightbox/Controlled Burn performing at Compression! Art and Fire 2013 (photo by shortCHINESEguy)